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Superheroes and words of wisdom

Adam Thompson is a graphic designer based in Carbondale, USA. His series Heroic Words of Wisdom is designed to try and bring some of iconic superhero dialogue out from the pages of comic books and to a wider audience.

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Lantern Oaths (Disambiguation)

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Lantern Corps Oaths <---- LOL so I see they changed the Red Lantern oath a *bit* for the TV show. HAHAHA XD

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Just thought I'd clear up any confusions...

Lantern oaths. White, whose oath has not yet been spoken, represent life. Red is rage. Orange is avarice. Yellow, the Sinestro Corps, is fear. Green is willpower. Blue is hope. Indigo tribe (oath spoken and written in native tongue) is compassion. Star Sapphires wield love. Black represent death.

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If I was a Lantern. I would be a Blue Lantern. I know the oath by heart. :)

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Deadpool, my seven year old cousin compared me to him today and said: if you were in the Marvel Universe, you'd be deadpool's daughter. Needless to say, I was proud. I have taught her well.

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During the war of chaos, the gaurdians gatherd the light. Energy and matter, wielded through base-emotions. They knew the light had many forms, but the gaurdians chose will as base for their power rings, and the green lantern corp was born. But when a rogue lantern, Sinestro, thought fear would be a more worthy power, their was war. Out of this war, would form several other corps, Sinestro's being the Yellow corp.

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