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Today's British Sign Language (#BSL) Sign is: CONGRATULATIONS - see all of our signs in our free online dictionary at

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12 Fun Facts about the Spanish Language. Learn Spanish Online! Request your free trial lesson:

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How Spanish numbers are formed: First, you should learn the red numbers (so you will be able to sing the pinball song ^^), then the blue ones (now you can count 1-100) and finally the green ones (almost any number you can think of).

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concepts of time in spanish free worksheet lesson introduction poster today yesterday tomorrow night day

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Spanish Words - Family concern.. . ////// htttp .. follows ,,, , Deepak Bhardwaj

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Idioms are a great way to incorporate culture into your classroom. Here's a list of 27 I use daily in my elementary Spanish classes. Mundo de Pepita: Spanish Idioms for the Classroom- Comprehensible Input in Context

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Useful phrases in Spanish #learnspanish #espanol

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