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The project describes a landscape design and facade design for a residential development in Hyderabad / India and introduces a green and ecological design for the city. It combines traditional Indian elements like Indian Step-wells and Indian Mazes into t…


designboomin 2008, a huge earthquake in china’s sichuan province was the country’s deadliest in more than 30 years. designed by cai yongjie, the ‘wenchuan earthquake memorial museum’ pictured above takes the form of a ruptured landscape, where large subterranean buildings are topped with green roofs that ensure that the complex adopts an unobtrusive presence.


This is a wonderful device in garden design: meander the path with billowing plants, makes yu want to explore>>>>GARDEN OF GIANTS BY MUTABILIS LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE


The result, which can be seen in the aerial view, is a dynamic synchronization of permeable-impermeable, new-old, constructed-void space that provides different experiences for pedestrian users of the site. Image courtesy of Landscape Architects of Bangkok