Lands End, Cornwall. Had a great holiday here as a child.

We drove the length and breadth of the U. John o Groats Scotland -Lands End, Cornwall.

Porthcurno Beach.  Cornwall, England

Porthcurno Bay, Deep beneath these waters is the kingdom of the mer-people and other important features from Toby Fisher and King Jack's Gold

View looking north from Lands End, cornwall,england,uk

Land's End, Cornwall - during a summer drive in a yellow, open-top Spitfire

Lands End, Cornwall England. I get withdrawal symptoms if I don,t get to walk around my beloved Land's End once a year...

Lands's End, Cornwall. I am having withdrawals of the Cornish coast already after just a month :( 20 days to go!

Cornwall coast near Lands End, England.  © Brian Jannsen Photography

The history and landscape of this place fascinates forlorn and a bit mysterious. Cornwall coast near Lands End, England ~ © Brian Jannsen Photography

Porthcurno Beach on the Lands End Way Cornwall, UK. The Cornish Coastal Path is 330 miles long and covers some of the most dramatic and historic scenery in Great Britain.

Porthcurno Beach Lands End Way~The Cornish Coastal Path is 330 miles long & covers some of the most dramatic & historic scenery in Great Britain~Cornwall, England

Land's End, Cornwall, UK Look hard -- there are wee tiny people on top of the cliff. Now look again at the size of that crashing wave.

Helen Dixon Professional Landscape Photography: Gallery 1 - Land's End - Cornwall england. Love the power