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Meet Economists' Favorite Tax—the Unimproved Land Tax

Land value tax revenue: How much can we raise by taxing unimproved land? 10.17.13

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Land Value Tax In this video we introduce and discuss the land value tax. have you heard of it? If not, then this video is for you. It posses the question whether the land value tax is better than property taxes. The land value tax is a tax on the value of the land, where property taxes is a tax on the improvements of the property. Do you agree with that? Some even say that property taxes are a tax on development..... Scott Kueny


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19. ORNATE MASTHEAD for an early single-tax journal. Advocates of the land value tax once believed that it would supply enough revenue to replace all others. Hence the name "single tax." The most orthodox Georgists still make this case.

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28. THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING. If the Georgists had their way, the Empire State Building and a vacant lot next to it would pay the same property tax--actually a "land value tax"--every year.

41. LIBERAL ECONOMIST. Paul Samuelson wrote the textbook that introduced baby-boomers to economics. He also supported land value taxes.

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Point 17 (land reform, legal land expropriation for public utility, abolishment of the land value tax, and proscription of land speculation), in the hope of winning the farmers’ votes in the May 1928 elections. Hitler disguised the implicit contradictions of Point 17 of the National Socialist Program, by explaining that “gratuitous expropriation concerns only the creation of legal opportunities, to expropriate, if necessary, land which has been illegally acquired, (CODE: Jews)


Tax property, not people, for a fairer society

The OECD, the rich nation's think tank, has joined the ranks of land value tax supporters. Liberal Democrats Chris Huhne and Vince Cable, had also voiced some sympathy before their ministerial appointments


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