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Welcome to my blog post about the Lamy 2000 mechanical pencil. 50 years of the Lamy 2000 The Lamy 2000 was first released in 1966 so this year is its 50th anniversary - and after several special editions covering materials…

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How does the Lamy 2000 feel in different hand types? Read this review to find out!

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Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen - Black - Fine Nib

The Lamy 2000 - one of my favorite fountain pens. Neil Gaiman wrote the first draft of American Gods in longhand with this pen. Writes like butter.

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Lamy's flagship fountain pen is the 2000 made of a combination of fibreglass and brushed stainless steel known as Makrolon. It is piston filled and as such can only be used with an ink bottle and not with ink cartridges. The piston does have a large capacity.

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