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This little buddy lives in Lake Gatun. Lake Gatun is an important part of the Panama Canal and home to some of the most impressive animals and flora that Panama has to offer!


Panama Canal Cruising and Gatun Lake

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Photograph taken by @christianziegler . Green amoeba. Barro Colorado Island (BCI) an island in Panamas Lake Gatun is the principle field station of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and arguably the oldest field station in a tropical forest having operated since 1928. Since then more then 6000 scientific publications about BCI have been published many of which are the foundations of modern tropical biology. Today BCI sports housing facilities and laboratories for more then 60…

Monkey Island, Indian Village & Lake Gatun

Conjinua 1 delivering a pilot to CMA CGM Utrillo near Lake Gatun, Panama.

from National Geographic Society (blogs)

Barro Colorado, Island of Magic Diversity in the Middle of Panama Canal

A large cane toad on the shore of Lake Gatun, where it joins other males in a chorus to attract female toads, Barro Colorado Island, Panama. Photo copyright Christian Ziegler.Barro Colorado, Island of Magic Diversity in the Middle of Panama Canal – News Watch


Hiking in Lake Gatun, near Clayton, Panama City: For those who would like to kill two birds with one stone, you can also come on out to Lake Gatun and hike in the Panama Canal! (That's exactly what we're doing in the picture) - See more at: