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Conflict as Lake Chad vanishes | Eco-at-Africa | Lake Chad (NASA, International Space Station, 07/25/14) | From an altitude of 225 nautical miles, one of the Expedition 40 crew members aboard the International Space Station was looking almost straight down when he photographed this picture of Lake Chad, which is spread over parts of four African nations -- Chad, Niger, Cameroon and Nigeria. A 50mm focal length was used to capture the image. Image credit: NASA Original image…

The Lake Chad catchment has an area 2,500,000 km2. In the past it contained a giant lake known as Lake Megachad. The last long-lived Lake Megachad high stand occurred during the early and middle Holocene, with a shoreline at an altitude of about 329m and a lake area of 361,000 km2 . In its heyday it was fed by a number of large river systems that rose in the Ahagar, Tassili, Air, Tibesti and Edeni mountains of what is now the Sahara Desert. The river in the southern part o

Archaeologists strike gold in quest to find Queen of Sheba's wealth

Makeda, queen of Sheba, wearing a classically African crown (other known examples are found at Ilé-Ifè, Nigeria, and a Sao ceramic sculpture of a crowned woman, near Lake Chad)

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This Landsat-8 image from 4 July 2014 shows Lake Chad in West Africa’s Sahel region – a transition zone between the Sahara Desert to the north and savannahs and woodlands to the south. - Credits: USGS/ESA

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A weekend at Lake Como: Travel Guide

With a landscape speckled by grand hotels and their private pools, lush green gardens that smell like heaven and sparkling water stretching off into the distance, Lake Como provides the perfect summer holiday destination. As long as you know the right places to go, you don’t need a Clooney-sized budget to bask in the high life and enjoy a weekend of amazing landscapes, delicious food and good old lakeside frolicking! Find out what to see, how to get around and all that other important…

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