What's your favorite style of craft beer? All are on sale through 6/25  #craftbeer #beer

Cheers for Beers

Yuengling Lager and Yuengling light is delish also. To bad they don't ship past Mississippi:(

Review: Yuengling Traditional Lager

Yeungling Lager - in honor of our move to the East Coast, Yeungling definitely earns a spot on the best beers list, not just because it is the longest brewed American beer, but it's also delicious! Welcome to the East Coast!

John's "Wild Famous" Dark Lager

John's "Wild Famous" Dark Lager

Arany Ászok (pr. ah-rahn-ya-sok) (means Golden Aces), popular Hungarian lager beer #beer #hungarian

Arany Ászok [ah-rahn-ya-sok] aka Golden Aces, a popular Hungarian lager beer

Lager beer with pretzels by NatashaBreen

Glass of lager beer with traditional salted pretzels over old dark wooden background. Top view with space for text. Selective focus on beer foam.

Motörhead Bastards Lager Beer

For all beer drinkers and hell raisers, fans of loud and fast rock and roll, no matter if you have no class or if you are a damage case, this mean machine lager is fuel for any head banging opportunity.

Eventually in every home brewer’s career, they hit a point when they grow tired of brewing only ales and want to try their hand at brewing lager. Unfortunately, challenges with temperature control can make this difficult, but the key to successfully brewing lager is simply knowing when it is okay …

A Beginner's Guide to Lagering

Lagering beer at home is more difficult than many assume. Our guide helps you learn the best methods of lagering, so you can create a lager worth the work.

Black Lager beer is dark in colour, like stout. The dark colour comes from darkly-roasted grains. http://www.cooksinfo.com/black-lager

Black Lager beer is dark in colour, like stout. The dark colour comes from darkly-roasted grains.

Red Quasar Ale Lager | Beer Recipe

Red Quasar Ale Lager | Beer Recipe

One of the best supply stores in Michigan, some of the friendliest staffs I have met in retail in general.

Learn how to partial mash beer at home in a 5 gallon brewing pot. Partial mash brewing instructions include a recipe to brew and step by step mashing process.

The ultimate guide to beer so you can pass for a connoisseur

Your guide to good beer, proper glassware and talking like a connoisseur

Lager Beer Lollipops! – Lollyphile! Revolutionize the way you party down with the beer flavored lollipops. Inspired by some of the all time classic brews – if you enjoy the taste of a hearty pint of ale, you’ll love every bite of these lollipops.  It’s the great taste of beer without the dreadful hangover.

What could be more American than beer flavored Lollipops? These Lager Beer Lollipops will definitely satisfy that sweet tooth (and alcohol) craving!

Pumpkin Lager Beer Handcrafted Soap Balls by SouthernEscentuals

Sale on Pumpkin Lager Beer Cold Process Soap, Pumpkin Seed Oil Soap, All Natural Dye Free, Beer Soap Balls Handmade by Southern E-Scentuals

Stone & Maine Collaborate On Dayslayer India Pale Lager #beer #craftbeer #party #beerporn #instabeer #beerstagram #beergeek #beergasm #drinklocal #beertography

Stone & Maine Collaborate On Dayslayer India Pale Lager

13 Best Home Brew Recipes | How to Make Beer at Home | Brewing and Distilling | DIY Beer Brewing Recipes, Tips and Ideas at pioneersettler.com

13 Homebrew Recipes To Make Beer At Home