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Making Beautiful Plans on (Part 2)

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Keeping it Together with a Classroom Binding Machine

This is a great little binding machine that is perfect for student work and published pieces—the combs are really strong and last all year long!

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Homework can be fun with...

Homeworkopoly! In our class, one of the most anticipated activities each week is Homeworkopoly, which you can learn more about at This is the only reward/incentive system I use in class. This summer, I adapted the gameboard to meet the needs of my class and to match our room. There are two files if you are interested...

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Color-Coding the Classroom

"I know my room evolves a bit each year, but I also know that I will stick with color-coding by subject in the future."

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A Google Drive To-Do List

Ladybug's Teacher Files: A 5th Grade Teaching Blog