"Lady with an Ermine" is a painting done by da Vinci around 1490. The woman's…

The Lady with the Ermine (Cecilia Gallerani) Leonardo da Vinci Czartoryski Museum, Cracow, Poland

238. newspaper article at Mail Online...Decodying a da Vinci masterpiece:Behind the secret symbols of The Lady with an Ermine.:

Leonardo DaVinci portrait painting: Decodying a da Vinci masterpiece: Behind the secret symbols of "The Lady with an Ermine"

Leonardo da Vinci - Lady with an ermine - (Cecelia Gallerani)

Leonardo da Vinci "Lady with an Ermine (Cecelia Gallerani)" My favorite da Vinci painting.

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"Lady with an Ermine," c.1489-90 by Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

Leonardo da Vinci, Portrait of a Lady with an Ermine, c. 53 x 39 cm, Krakow, The Princes Czartoryski Museum

Da Vinci - Lady With an Ermine. At Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland.

Leonardo da Vinci, Lady With an Ermine - Oil Painting - Leonardo Da Vinci

Lady With an Ermine by Leonardo Da Vinci Framed Hand Painted Oil on Canvas

The Lady with an Ermine (Cecilia Gallerani), 1496 by Leonardo da Vinci. High Renaissance. portrait. Czartoryski Museum, Cracow, Poland

The Lady with an Ermine (Cecilia Gallerani) - da Vinci Leonardo Date: Milan, Italy Style: High Renaissance Genre: portrait Media: oil, panel Dimensions: x cm Location: Czartoryski Museum, Cracow, Poland

Leonardo da Vinci, Die Dame mit dem Hermelin / Lady with an ermine (detail)

Leonardo da Vinci – Lady with an Ermine (detail) , ca. The subject of the portrait is Cecilia Gallerani, the mistress of Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan, who was Leonardo's employer.

From the very lines in her brows to the gaze, she was a work of art before she was even painted. She has a weasel which is white. This indicates the fur change of winter and the weasel being a constant eater is needy and is also sneaky stealth unrelenting in its self serving pursuits. She shows it obligatory indifferent (finger tips only) affection as she looks with admiration at something else. The weasel is looking as if a stranger is in the room and contemplating. "Lady with the Ermine"

The Last Day of Leonardo’s Lady with the Ermine

Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci - Oil on wood panel - Czartoryski Museum, Krakow - 21 in x 15 in

The Lady with an Ermine (Cecilia Gallerani) - (Milan, 1496) - Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci - Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani (Lady with an Ermine) fine art preproduction . Explore our collection of Leonardo Da Vinci fine art prints, giclees, posters and hand crafted canvas products

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Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci — The Lady with an Ermine (Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani), 1490 : The Czartoryski Museum and Library, Kraków.