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This very rare image of the ‘nine day Queen’ by Lucas de Heere was owned by Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough. Lady Jane is shown as a girl in her family home of Bradgate, in Leicestershire, before her ascension to the throne. Caught up in the scheming of various factions at court, the teenaged Lady Jane was used as a puppet to block the claims of the Catholic Mary Tudor. Ousted from the throne, Lady Jane was executed at the Tower of London in 1554.


Lady Jane Grey was pronounced Queen of England on this day 9th July, 1553 in succession to Edward VI. Her reign lasted only nine days. Her successor was Mary I


Farewell message from Lady Jane Grey to her father, Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk. "'the lorde comforte youre grace and that in his worde whearen all creatures onlye are to be comforted..."


Secret portrait of the 'nine-day' Queen found

Possible miniature of Lady Jane Grey, the ill-fated Nine Day Queen. Dr. Starkey suggests the brooch represents the Dudleys, the family of her husband. No definitive contemporary image is known.


Jane Grey and Guildford Dudley Marry Setting Up the Events of Their Downfalls

The Streatham Portrait, discovered at the end of the century and believed to be a copy of a contemporary portrait of Lady Jane Grey. Feb 1554 Lady Jane Grey, the Queen of England for thirteen days, is beheaded on Tower Hill. She was barely 17 years old.


"Jane" carved into the wall of a room in the Beauchamp Tower in the Tower of London. It is believed (no absolute proof available) that it was carved by Guildford Dudley, husband of Lady Jane Grey. They were both executed (along with a number of other people) for trying to put Jane on the throne.


Before she was the famous "Nine Day's Queen", Lady Jane Grey was a Maid-of-Honor to Queen Catherine Parr