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Lady Gaga's 10 Best Music Videos

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Lady Gaga Cancels Tour for Hip Surgery

Lady Gaga Cancels Tour for Hip Surgery - Lady Gaga, her Billion Dollar Farce and Karmic Justice. I have alleged her for being an accomplice to the murder of Los Angeles film producer, Michael R. Goss, who was killed on THIS DAY exactly five years ago. I have exposed how her song "Alejandro" was written to mock my tragedy and how Mr. Klein's music video was intended to bully me and drive me to suicide.


We Road Test Lady Gaga's Coke Can Curlers

Lady Gaga - I'm not a huge fan of her really over-the-top looks but I love the stylistic elements of her videos. My personal favorites are her (and Beyonce's) looks in "Telephone", her looks in "Born This Way", in "Judas", in "Paparazzi", and some of "Alejandro".

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Souvenirs: Lady GaGa/Alejandro (2010

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What We Love About Lady Gaga’s Newest Album, “Joanne”

Lady Gaga has wildly successful music career. From that first time we heard her futuristic-sounding “Poker Face”in 2008 to the time she made us wonder about who the heck “Alejandro” was, the singer has had no shortage of hits.