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Cinderella "Manifesting a Wish" Witch's Ladder Spell Cord

What is a Witch’s Ladder or Magick Spell Cord? A Witch’s Ladder or Magick Spell Cord is a spell that is infused into a cord by using knots, braids and charms for symbolic meaning for the intent of said spell. Materials and number of knots depend on the magick cords intention. Herbs, stones and the like, are often also used to increase the cords power and enhance the beauty. The first documented cord was found in the 1800’s in England. This is my version of the Witch’s Ladder or what I like…

“Dutch three strand ladder braids, check out the step as below: 1.Split hair into 3 section 2.Cross left section to the middle section & cross the right…”

from Hairstyles Weekly

22 Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles for Girls

So pretty! The waterfall braid looks the best I think. What is your favorite???