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45+ Lace Tattoos for Women

Dreamcatcher tattoo on leg People may get overwhelmed with tattoo when starting to get a leg tattoo. Usually, it’s not the first tattoo for one to get a tattoo on the leg as it is normally not as visible for… Continue Reading →

queen anne's lace, tattoo ideas

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#WhiteInkTattoo I can't decide if I like them or if they look like a skin rash from a distance.

15+ Amazing White Ink Tattoo Ideas

Cool white ink tattoos are becoming increasingly common. Despite their lack of popularity in the past, more people are now finding that the subtlety found in white ink tattoos serves as a preferabl…

white tattoo - saw one on wrist of someone while in NY. Fell in love with it.

white lace tattoo // Love this lace. Im not a fan of white ink tats but this one's pretty neat!