Lace makeup. For more makeup looks and tutorials:

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i wanna try this, but with using the lace as a kind of 'stamp'. Gotta think of a whole costume to go with that kind of facepaint. Something off-white perhaps, with a lot of layers, a simple skirt, a bustle? Oh the possibilities are endless!

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@Bulgari Official Official Official @Lindsay Dillon eller @Nordstrom Weddings @Judith de Munck Clark chicks @Holly Elkins Richer @People magazine magazine magazine @Holley Roberts Mioneès @Anna Totten Lynch UK @Clare Thompson Vogue UK #beauty #fashion

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make-up and airbrush painting by Natali Voys. love Wondering if 1 makeup artists could pull this of with 2 of my models

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Jean ⚡️ Watts @jean_watts No matter how edu...Instagram photo | Websta (Webstagram)

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You suddenly realize that Halloween is tomorrow and you don't have any idea what to wear and what makeup to use. Don't panic, just read the article and enjoy!

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