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Stitching lace insertion to fabric is the first technique that we learn when I teach heirloom sewing by machine. This is not a strong applic...


Roberto Cavalli at Milan Spring 2015 (Details)

Interesting lace detail without looking "patched up", like most inserts. Maybe looks nicer because of its location on the hem and because it is the same shade as the main pant fabric. *A.Mc.


White Shirt with Lace Insert Sleeve

White Shirt with Lace Insert Sleeve | great way to shorten and embellish sleeves for petites


Day dress

Closeup on day dress, c. 1904-08. If you don't see the pure awesomeness of this, allow me to explain: Every trim here is hand made. Someone, about a century ago, sat down, plotted this, bought the materials and built it, forming minute stitches one by one. The lace was knotted thread by thread. The embroidery stitch by stitch. each pintuck, folded and stitched down by hand. Yards and yards of work. This humbles me.