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Corsets with fan lacing; also known as camp corsets were made so that it was possible for women to put on their corsets without the help of a maid.

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fan lacing corset "Samuel Higby Camp in 1908, his unique lacing system of pulleys make it possible for a wearer to lace and tighten her own corset. For those of you that have worn, or tried to wear, a back-lacing corset, let me tell you that the fan-lacing principle makes the whole task so much easier!"

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Gift Guide: Over-The-Top Splurges For Them And You

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Lady-Gray-Dreams...Wow how beautiful. Imagine wearing something like this. Let your imagination reflect your style. Ask your dressmaker for suggestions to achieve this look.

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Ivory Leather and Lace Corset Belt OOAK --- Medium

Imagine That! STEAMPUNK WoZ ideas for MUNCHKINS in shades of Purple &/or White as directed

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Velvet and Lace Corset - Lingerie - Clothing

Including this because it has fantastic detailing that I love, including combined fabrics (velvet and lace).

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