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The catalyst to Britains Industrial Revolution was the slave labour of orphans and destitute children. In this shocking and moving account of their exploitation and eventual emancipation, Professor Jane Humphries uses the actual words of these child workers (recorded in diaries, interviews and letters) to let them tell their own story. She also...


A common task for children who were too young to work in the fields or around a hot stove in the kitchen. It was also a great way to introduce kids to the economics of farm labour.


CHILD LABOR. This is the republican dream for America's poor children. Keep voting in the "personal responsibility" assholes, and this will happen here. Job protections, even fundamental laws prohibiting child labor, are under constant threat by the party for the rich.

from Mail Online

The photographs that shamed America: Harrowing images of child labourers that show children as young as three forced to do back-breaking work in fields, factories and mines

The late 19th – early 20th century industrial revolution in the U.S. was nasty and quite short for many very young working kids – childhood, who needs childhood? These are the faces of the deregulated economy many in the U.S. Congress and elsewhere around the world long for. What say you?


The Women’s Library @ LSE (London School of Economics) digital collections include a representative selection of the personal, political, and economic struggles that have symbolized women’s battle for equality over the past 500 years. The collection includes pamphlets, magazines, journals, documents, photographs, postcards, and books.

Infografía: Los tipos de despido por Legalium.

Infografía: Los tipos de despido por Legalium.