Do You Remember Why Labor Day Is Called Labor Day?

Do you remember why Labor Day is called Labor Day?

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LABOR DAY: honors the American labor movement and the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, laws, and well-being of the country. Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend! The Juicery

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The history of Labor Day

The glorious three-day-weekend that is Labor Day is here! While many of us view Labor Day weekend as one last chance to celebrate the end of.

Everything you take for granted in your working life is because union brothers & sisters fought & died for it. 40 hours, weekend, health benefits, 8 hour day, worker protection, collective bargaining, child labor laws....

If you like weekends; thank the Unions. If you like the 8 hour workday; thank the Unions. If you like laws that prohibit child labor; thank the Unions. And if you're Middle Class - thank the Unions!

Labor Day Picnic - 1959. I remember the 'block parties'. Getting together with neighbors in a fun way!

Labor Day (first Monday in September, Worker celebrations include rest, picnics & barbeques. Unofficially marks end of summer, beginning of football and beginning of school: Picnic - 1959