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Symbol of the Goddess & creation of life. The sacred connection. Incorporate webs into meditation & spellwork relating to Goddess energy. Do not kill spiders for it is bad luck (they eat many 'bad' bugs, too).

In Greek mythology, Atropos was one of the three Moirae, the Fates, the female deities who supervised fate. Atropos was the fate who cut the thread or web of life with the "abhorred shears." She worked along with Clotho, who spun the thread, and Lachesis, who measured the length. They were the daughters of Zeus and Themis, the goddess of order. The Roman names of the fates are Nona, Decuma, and Morta.

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Fairies - Fée - Fee- Fe - Hadas - Fairy - 妖精 - älva - фея - keijukainen - परी - 요정 - 仙女 - fata - tylwyth teg -tündér

Bean Nighe - The Scottish version of the washer woman at the ford. She always wore green and had webbed feet. She was not always a death portent, and would grant three wishes in certain circumstances #scottish #scotland #folklore