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Tyga DENIES dating teen Kylie Jenner after Amber Rose says he’s should be “ashamed”: “That’s ridiculous” - 3am & Mirror Online

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A counter point of view on cultural appropriation's appropriateness: "Personally, I couldn’t care less about white girls wearing cornrows. It’s really not that deep. I am equally unbothered by black women who wear blonde weaves. What you do with your hair is up to you. Amandla is 16 years old, so there is a good likelihood that she sees her call-out as some sort of activism, instead of what it actually is: online bullying. But she is not the only person engaging in such behavior."

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Proof that 'Columbusing' exists. Beyonce has had full lips prior to Kylie Jenner's existence. ALSO, black women have been known (and vilified) for having full lips for LEGITIMATE centuries. First: stop applauding white women for having black features. Second: Kylie Jenner did not invent full lips-and neither did Angelina Jolie. Let's keep it real.

A 16-Year-Old "Hunger Games" Actress Called Out Katy Perry And Iggy Azalea For Cultural Appropriation - BuzzFeed News

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This is how destructive the double standards are. The lavishing of praise on this girl for simply chucking in a few braids!! So edgy! So cool and totally EPIC!! Meanwhile where's all the gorgeous WOC who wear braids, Marie Claire?? That's not edgy enough? You fucks need to wake up and smell the hummus!! It isn't harmless and it isn't creative.

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