The pillow takes your place

Kurt Halsey Drawings

Kurt Halsey Frederiksen, who looks an awful lot like the characters he creates, is a old pencil, pen and ink artist from Portland who I discovered through his LiveJournal fan base.

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Touch Beaks. Touch Feets.

Kurt Halsey penguins w/ quote From Christina Perri : Like a soul mate, you're my penguin or baby it's fate, not luck

Kurt Halsey                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

I want to wrap legs and feets and make an oven under sheets

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Kurt Halsey Paintings

♪ I've still got your face, painted on my heart, scrawled upon my soul.

Never Close Enough - Kurt Halsey This reminds me of Tyler and I, and that's before I noticed it's signed by "Kurt Halsey"

This is how I want to sleep every night with you. your hair in my face. your soft skin completely against me. no spaces. no distance. I want the last thought of my night to be how wonderful you smell and warm you feel!

Kurt Halsey. Funny.

Today,I am loving the art snippets of Kurt Halsey. He describes his art as being "Shy and quiet, yet expressive and charming, my pa.