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Kuroko no Basuke's season2 ep3 #Geek #Anime // This-- xD I seriously find their relationship hilarious.

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Anime/manga: Kuroko No Basuke Characters: Tetsuya, Taiga, and ???, LOL.

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Kuroko no Basket - A sports anime, love it to pieces. I loved the ending to the manga. There's a another manga to it as well kinda like another story after the ending of the manga.

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Kuroko no Basuke Team Roster

Kuroko No Basuke Team Roster! I have watched season 1 & 2 now I'm watching season 3!! You have to see it NOW❤️

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Kuroko is my new obsession for today! March 04, 2014! Kuroko from "Kuroko no Basuke"

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Kuroko no basuke... I can't believe that the manga ended. I haven't read it yet, but it means that the anime will come to an end some time too :(

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Ah. The shape of their faces is similar too. I thought they were related. But, Akashi has himself so he doesn't need a sibling.

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Kuroko no Basket Season 3 Episode 7 [ Subtitle Indonesia ] | Episode 8 | Anime Subtitle Indonesia

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