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Three brave female soldiers kill 10 ISIS brutes in Iraq a day

This is revenge for the Yazidi girls': How three brave female fighters killed 10 ISIS jihadis a day on the frontline in Iraq

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Crack Norwegian ‘Punisher’ troops to train Kurds taking on ISIS

The Telemark Battalion (top right), famous for using the Punisher vigilante symbol (left and centre) to intimidate their enemies, are heading to Irbil to aid Kurdish forces fighting ISIS (bottom right).

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Kurdish peshmerga fighters: women on the frontline - in pictures

Kurdish peshmerga fighters: women on the frontline - in pictures. Kurdish peshmerga fighters have been in training for many years. Here, Maryam Ashrafi photographs women learning to use guns and training in various parts of Kurdistan. The Kurds of Syria and Iraq have become a major focal point in the war against Isis. | Portrait of a Kurdish woman Peshmerga inside the camp of Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran.

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Erdogan has claimed letting Kurdish ‘terrorists’ lead the fight against Isis in Raqqa is ‘naive’

Turkey's President Erdogan attacks US-led plans to work with Syrian Kurds to clear Raqqa of Isis

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Syrian Kurds say air strikes against Isis are not working

Isis fighters have pushed to the edge of Kobani and evade western strikes, says spokesman for Kurdish fighters

It does seem like a suspicious death. Do we really think Turkey wouldn't kill, especially when it was a woman, & therefore merely akin to a domestic animal by the man who must not be criticized?

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30 Places You MUST Visit Before You Die

Monumental Arch, Palmyra, Syria. This place is currently inaccessible due to civil war happening in Syria.

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Abraham ben Jacob on

7h7 hours ago KURDS - LOYALTY, FREINDSHIP, MOTIVATION are very important qualiies for the female KURDISH Fighters against #ISIS

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ISIS fighter cries like a baby after being captured by Kurdish forces

Footage appears to show a member of ISIS crying after being captured by the Kurds.