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Cosmic snake #snaketattoo #kundalini #marieroura #epureatelier #tattoo #mooncycle #cosmic

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Serpiente Cosmica / Kris Davidson / Sacred Geometry <3

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kundalini serpent back piece tattoo - Google Search

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Chakras: from roots to spirituality.

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25 Cool Spine Tattoos For Men And Women

kundalini tattoo - Cerca con Google

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Seven Chakra Kundalini Rising

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Sat Nam is true identity. Sat meaning truth and Nam, identity. Sat Nam is in the sacred language of Gurmukhi: ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ.

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The Sri Yantra, a geometrical representation of Shakti.

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Altar #1

Altar #1 by Cristina McAllister The first piece in my new Altars Series, which explores the idea that all faiths spring from the same Source, sharing their core values and offering valuable insights to all humanity. The intention of these pieces is to harmoniously combine sacred elements from many different cultures.

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Urban Tantra; Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century

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