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Kristoff Frozen


What 13 Of Your Favorite Disney Princes Would Look Like In Real Life

Just a few weeks ago, we gave you a look at what Disney princesses would look like if they were real, but have you ever wondered what Disney princes would look like in real life? I mean, how exactly would Aladdin, Prince Eric, and Hercules look if we were to pass by them in the … Read More

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Did anyone else notice that he says the exact same thing ("She's as cold as ice" or at least something extremely simmilar) when talking to the trolls. They sound exactly alike. I assume this demonstrates how he went from tolerating her, to liking her, to loving her in a protective kind of way, to just plain loving her.

People make bad choices if they are mad or scared or stressed, but throw a little love their way and you'll bring out their best!


When she touches his hand… He smile so… CUTE!!!!!!!!!! I have been just staring at this gif and alternating my focus between Anna’s and Kristoff’s faces. That incredibly dorky grin Kristoff makes as Anna pulls him away may be what ends me. It’s too precious. He just looks so HAPPY and IN LOVE. I can’t take it.


Ok, did anyone else read the carrots bit and automatically assume Anna was supposed to be Anne and she thought of Gilbert?!!