Join Kristin McGee as she introduces you to the benefits of Pilates to help transform your core strength, flexibility, alignment and sculpt. This abs routine features some of the classic Pilates core toning cycles.

New to Pilates or want to start, but not sure how? This Pilates workout is full of exercises created for beginners to help transform your core strength, flexibility, alignment and sculpt!

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The Secret to an Amazing Body

Kristin McGee's Magic Yoga Moves

Work Out With Kristin McGee

Fitness videos and how-to's from Kristin McGee. She's a New York City-based yoga and Pilates instructor, personal trainer, and star of 15 yoga and Pilates DVDs.

Kristin McGee - thanks for the amazing yoga@home video for all the runners out there!

If you think yoga is not a full body workout; think again AND come to power yoga! Celebrity Trainer Kristin McGee with the Skinny on Yoga and Why it is the One Workout you Truly Need

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The Secret to an Amazing Body

Pilates- Secret to an Amazing Body & Easier than you Think! Here's a 20 minute work-out to love 6 inches overall. By Kristin McGee (LeAnn Rimes trainer) via Health magazine. I miss Pilates!

Celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor Kristin McGee shows you how easy it is to use yoga to trim your waist. This quick workout will get the job done!

Kristin McGee Series: Quick Core-Sculpting Yoga [VIDEO]

Yoga and Pilates with Kristin McGee. I use her Happy Hips app video to loosen my hips after long plane rides and Power Yoga before I teach classes in the morning. Love them on my iPad!

Get your runner's flow with Celeb Trainer Kristin McGee's yoga sequence!

Zen and Flow: Yoga Playlist

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Kristin McGee: Try This Butt Blaster Exercise

Kristin McGee: Try This Butt Blaster Exercise

Kristin McGee: Try This Butt Blaster Exercise Here's one of my favorite moves for sculpting a sexy backside. I call this my "Butt Blaster" exercise. My Pilates students LOVE how well this shapes.

A Week’s Worth of Workouts! Wednesday: Arms | Kristin McGee |

Wednesday: Arms I like to do these moves first thing in the morning to perk me up! I usually have the most energy early in the day; and these moves .

Celebrate National Pilates Day with this Fun Pilates Workout! | Kristin McGee

I work with an amazing young actress who is one of the stars in Game of Thrones on HBO. She left NYC recently and is on her way to start shooting season 4 of .