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Krishna, in his Narasimha avatar, usually depicted with a lion's head, many arms, a wreath of venomous snakes, and a whole lotta carnage.

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First pictures reveal success of life-saving surgery on toddler with eight limbs

Vishnu appears on earth in various avatars, but only Rama and the Buuddha play a significant role. He contains and balances good and evil and preserves the divine order of the universe. He wears a seven-headed cobra and holds a lotus flower, conch shell, spinning disc and a mace. He also has a caste mark on his forehead.

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An Indian painting, 1790-1810, depicting Krishna, an avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu, the preserver, with his symbolic attributes of a flute and blue skin, with Radha under a tree with cows and footprints with auspicious symbols. (British Museum)

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Kalki Tenth Vishnu Avatar Painting Handmade Stamp Paper Indian Hindu Deity Art

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Radha makes love to Krishna in a grove. An illustration to the Rasikapriya of Keshav Das. Kangra, c. 1820.

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Kalyana Gunas and the avatars: Tiruppavai notes 21 #krishnafortoday

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