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Law makers are working tirelessly to change the legalization of Kratom in the near future. A kratom addiction is more serious than society realizes! #kratom #addiction #addict #hope #helpless #legalize

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Before Ian Mautner's untimely death, he was addicted to Kratom. Hear his mother's side of the story! #mother #family #hope #freedom #kratom #addiction #addict #happiness #florida #law #drugabuse

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What's Kratom? Parents Claim the Drug Drove Son to Suicide

The parents of a University of Georgia student who committed suicide earlier this month are now speaking out about it — specifically about an unregulated drug called Kratom they say their son John Eden was addicted to.

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City of Ogden

Kratom is one of these plants that some, including the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), are looking to make illegal in the United States and add it to the well-known list of drugs to avoid.

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Kratom opiate Addiction

The negative impacts of #Kratom can prompt sentiments of happiness, in tension, narcotic like impacts and placing you into a peaceful perspective. In the accompanying manual for the positive and additionally negative impacts of Kratom, we will investigate how this herb impacts your body an`d additionally your perspective

Drug Abuse - Signs and Symptoms of Meth Use

The use of meth shows some obvious signs and symptoms. Here are some ways to detect if someone you know is using meth and how you can get them some help.

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How to Take Kratom for Drug Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms. Guide to Safely Using Kratom for Opiate Detox.