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Kraken real life

2014 Wildlife photographer of the Year

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Cirrate octopod - or Dumbo Octopus. How many kinds of Dumbo octopod are there? They seem to range in length of tentacles.

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This made my day!!! V cool rule for naming stuff. Maybe people should have to do that for pets!!! Lol.

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Tiny Baby Octopus

I will call him squishy and he will be my squishy. Thanks Julia its adorable!! ---Tiny Baby Octopus

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Sparta Kraken Review: The Best 200mg Caffeine You’ll Ever Take Sparta Nutrition's announcement for Kraken brought more hype than we've ever seen for a pre workout. We got to review it -- did the the real life story live up to the hype? Well, if you haven't seen our updated Top 10 Pre Workout lists, then the answer is YES. Stuff's awesome, especially if you want a lower caffeine dose! #Kraken #ReleaseTheKraken

Octopuses You Can't Even Believe Are Real

Octopuses You Can't Even Believe Are Real

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