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This is singer Kostas Martakis. I am using him for inspiration for Lewis' character - particularly those intense, cerulean blue eyes.


Cat Monday: Kostas Martakis

Kostas Martakis, Greek singer and model- His face is perfection: Eyes, lips.He has it all.

|Kostas Martakis| Alexsander Katsaros was supposed to be the hero in his family of magic. But, the young boy's fate suffered from one mishap: magic wasn't in his blood. Determined to still be the hero, he joined the royal guards, where he excelled at his job. After all, it's quite easy to live off your mother's wealth. The male can be quiet and reserved, only speaking when it's needed. Usually he's correcting they juvenile guards who still need practice for the upcoming tasks at hand. Surely…

The general idea of Greek men outside of Greece has been that they are usually good-looking, representing the 'tall, dark and handsome" look.

kostas martakis | Kostas Martakis - The Most Popular Musicians Of The World. WhoPopular ...

DSoL// Characters: Elric - a thief from the other side. His father was an earth elemental and his mother was a human woman.

kostas martakis

Haven't heard of Kostas Martakis? Kostas is only 23 and comes from Greece.

Kostas Martakis

Kostas Martakis

Φαίνεται πως τα έχει όλα: ομορφιά, επιτυχίες, μεγάλο fan club…

Φαίνεται πως τα έχει όλα: ομορφιά, επιτυχίες, μεγάλο fan club…