After 20 years, still one of the greatest.

Jonathan Davis is part of an elite group of songwriters that has inspired me for over twenty years and continues to do so.

JD flipping the bird #Korn

Im feeling EXACTLY the same thing JD. *flips a double middle finger salute* F.

KoRn. The freak on a leash video reminds me of being little because of seeing it on kerrang! tv. When I got older I did not listen to them but recently hearing a couple of their songs and listening to them more I do really like them.

Been listening to Korn since I was ten. Most people probably wouldn't know what Korn was if you told them.

A young KoRn. Where did all the time go?! 12× Loyal fan since it started!!!!

A young KoRn. Where did all the time go? Loyal fan since it started!