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Memorial centre designed to pay tribute to the life of a Korean independence activist.

Cold War Unit includes: Containment, Soviet Union, Domino Theory, Vietnam (Cold War) , Korean War (Cold War), Independence Movement Topics: Nelson Mandela , Gandhi, Israel, Cuban Missile Crisis, Iron Curtain, Castro United Nations, Yom Kippar War, Mao Zedong, Berlin Wall Cold War Primary Source Analysis Include:Troll Song, Red Dawn Movie Analysis, Cultural Revolution, Iron Curtain Best Value: World History II Curriculum Best Value (10 Mega Units, 10 Mega Powerpoints, Lifetime Supply of…

Petition: Provide Fair Financial Support for Fostering and Adoption Families

Kinship and Foster Carers go through the same checks, training and have the same role as a non-related carer. Yet, there is a clear disparity in the financial support offered by local authorities. This support then ceases, in part, once the carer wishes to apply for SGO or adopts the child!


Pyongyang: an architectural tour through the ages – in pictures

Moranbong Theatre, 1954 Moranbong Theatre, 1954 One of the first post-independence buildings, the theatre hosted the first general people’s assembly after the Japanese occupation, in which Kim Il-sung was elected president. It fuses neoclassical principles with historical Korean motifs, such as octagonal columns and a green pantile rooftop. It was sadly subject to ‘modernisation’ in 2005, which saw the historic interior ripped out Photograph: Koryo Tours

Gwangbokjeol: Korea’s Independence Day


Korean National Association members in California celebrate Korean independence day in the 1930s, when Korea was still a Japanese colony. Courtesy LA Public Library.


Pyongyang: an architectural tour through the ages – in pictures

Taedongmun Cinema, 1955 Another example of the early post-independence neoclassical style, with the same octagonal columns and a traditional Korean roof, also featuring statues of a worker, soldier and peasant above the cornice. One again, it was ‘modernised’ in 2008, with very little of the historic interior surviving intact Photograph: Koryo Tours

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