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from BBC Good Food

Korean fried chicken burgers

Copy the latest Korean street food trend with ultra-crisp, double-fried chicken, a quick kimchi slaw and lashings of sticky chilli sauce

from Wilde Orchard

Cider & Five Spice Steamed Pork Buns

These Cider & Five Spice Steamed Pork Buns are a quick take on a dim sum classic, Char Siu Bao. These pork buns are sticky and sweet with a hit of spice.


Japanese Mochi Bread (Japanese mochi powder / glutinous rice flour, bread flour, milk powder, salt, shortening, egg, oil, water, sesame seeds)

from olive

Kimchi dogs

Kimchi is one of those foods that goes really well
 with other cuisines. Burgers, hotdogs and cheese sandwiches can all be perked up with a spoonful – this trend is well on the way to becoming mainstream. Look for Korean ingredients at, and Asian supermarkets. If you don’t want to make your own kimchi, there are loads of ready-made varieties available.

from Jamie Oliver

Pork belly buns

Jamie shares his favourite steamed buns recipe, it needs starting the day before but it's worth it for these wicked little buns with a tender pork filling.

Jamie Oliver makes irresistible Korean steamed buns for the festive season on Jamie's Cracking Christmas. Jamie says: "The popularity of crispy-pork-stuffed steamed buns has gone off the scale. They're good value, really popular Korean street food, and the combination of these soft buns, sauces, pickles and pork will blow you away." The ingredients for the pork are: 1.2 kg higher-welfare pork belly , bone out, sesame oil and caster sugar. For the buns: 400 ml semi-skimmed milk, 50 g…

from Lazy Cat Kitchen

Tofu bánh mì with vegan Sriracha mayo

Tofu bánh mì with vegan Sriracha mayo is our version of this popular Vietnamese classic. It's deep-filled with tasty tofu, pickles, veggies and spicy mayo.