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Vintage 1980's Red Kool Aid Man Pitcher & by BrownandCoReclaimed

Kool.aid man kool aid single holder

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Part of the superhero (Marvel and DC mash-up) stairwell mural, Superman bursts through a wall.

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Always had Kool-Aid when friends visited. Via: Nebraska Tourism: Ever hear of Kool-Aid? Invented in Hastings, Nebraska by Edwin Perkins in 1927.

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‘Kool-Aid Man’ gets a new look and a personality

kool aid man pictures | Kool-Aid is unveiling a new look for its big red mascot Monday, as the ...

Batman vs Kool Aid Man Fridge Magnet (2 x 3 inches)

Batman vs Kool Aid Man Fridge Magnet 2 x 3 by BlueCrabMagnets

12 Major Moments From 1968

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Kool-Aid's mascot is Kool-Aid Man, a character with the body of a large frosty glass pitcher filled with Kool-Aid (usually cherry). He was introduced in Kool-Aid advertising shortly after General Foods acquired the brand in 1953. In Television and printed ads, Kool-Aid Man was known for bursting suddenly through walls while children were making or drinking Kool-Aid to say his catch phrase: "Oh, yeah!" The original six Kool-Aid flavors are Raspberry, Cherry, Grape, Lemon, Orange, and…