Ted has driven Aiden crazy and sane in seconds

+KnT - Yeah Right+ by Z-Doodler<< is it bad that you by hibk Chris is a hot af character :p

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KnT - 76 by on DeviantArt <<< as delightfully gay as this is I'm just relating to Aiden in the panel

Why is Ted in the hospital?<<< Aiden  did a wrestling maneuver on him and hurt him<<<I was just about to ask that

Oh my gosh, Ted! Who is the mysterious dog queen? (And why do I secretly ship it?)KnT - 90 by

KnT - 68 by Z-T00N on DeviantArt

I ask myself this question everytime I take a bath this is kinda similar to that one Foofy comic in the old KnT KnT - 68