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How to grow your own kombucha SCOBY in 10 steps

Do you drink kombucha? It's a healthy fermented tea jam-packed with gut-loving probiotics and enzymes. A bottle from the grocery store runs about $3.50... but it's so easy to brew your own kombucha at home! All you need is a SCOBY, and you can grow that at home to!


How To Make Your Own Kombucha Scoby

There's really no arguing that it's ugly. And kind of alien-looking. And yeah, even downright gross. But dang it! Scobys make some delicious kombucha! If you want to save a few bucks on your 'booch habit, there's just no getting around it. You're going to need a scoby. You can beg a scoby from a kombucha-brewing friend, or you can order a fresh one online. But there's one more option: you can grow your own.


Help! My SCOBY Is UGLY and Other Common Issues

Help My Scoby is UGLY! and other common issues....the many faces of kombucha scobies and how to know what they mean....~Cultured Food Life



FINALLY! A plethora of ways to use up that growing pile of Kombucha Scobys! From dressings, to smoothies, to popsicles to body scrubs! ~Cultured Food Life


Kombucha tea (KT): Recipe – How to – Ideas – Probiotic – SCOBY

Kombucha it is amazing, we love it : Kombucha tea (KT): Recipe – How to – Ideas – Probiotic – SCOBY


growing a SCOBY from store bought kombucha. Now THIS I can do! I have been putting of trying kombucha because I didn't want to buy the SCOBY. Doesn't get much easier!