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very generally, they represent good luck in japan. in china different numbers of fish, including koi, represent different kinds of luck i.e. 9 koi or 9 fish, means good financial luck.

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Asian Koi Art Poster Print Japanese Carp Fish

Asian Koi Art, Japanese carp fish is one of the lucky animals to many Asians. People who practice Feng Shui often believe that the koi fish can bring good fortune and it's also the symbol of success. The koi fish means wealth to many Chinese and, often is portrayed in one solo fish, two fishes or nine fishes in Chinese paintings.

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Koi or more specifically Nishikigoi (brocaded carp), are ornamental varieties of domesticated common carp (Cyprinus carpio) that are kept for decorative purposes in outdoor koi ponds or water gardens. In Japanese, koi is a homophone for another word that means "affection" or "love"; koi are therefore symbols of love and friendship in Japan.

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dragons tattoo

want two of these side by side with flowers on my lower back leaning opposite directions and at a tad more dramatic angle.

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Shiro Utsuri Koi - black koi with white markings (Utsuri means reflections), note that the sumi (black) wraps around the fish

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love the meaning behind it - Think about the Yin and Yang in Chinese philosophy, which states that opposite forces are often interconnected. In suffering, you can find great strength, in heartbreak you can find resilience, and in loss you can find a renewed appreciation for life.

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Koi Fish Tattoo Meaning—Color, Direction, and More

The koi fish has profound meaning, according to Japanese legend. This meaning can vary depending on the fish’s orientation and color. Learn about the symbolism of the koi fish.

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