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Kobe Bryant’s 81 Point Game vs the Toronto Raptors[2006]----Kobe Bryant scored the SECOND-most points in an NBA game and set a Laker RECORD for points in a game when he dropped 81 points in 42 minutes of play in a 122-104 victory!!

Kobe Retires: Before The Kobe Bryant Poem, Read The Kobe Bryant Stats First (INFOGRAPHIC) -

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Loyalty Of Kobe Bryant To Los Angeles Lakers Earned Him A Record;He Is The Only Player To Play for 20 Seasons With One Team -

Despite Setting A Price Record, Kobe Bryant Still Lost Money On The Deal. #KobeBryant #Basketball #RealEstate #Mansion #California

Selena Gomez looking hot as she cheers on Spurs in Lakers' Kobe Bryant’s final game in San Antonio -

Kobe Bryant broke the current arena record with 61 points -

Kobe Bryant

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NBA record with one team 20 years, the ONE, the ONLY, KOBE BRYANT

Cha-ching: Kobe merchandise sets one-day mark

Staples Center sells $1.2 million worth of Kobe Bryant merchandise to set one-day record

Kobe Bryant thinks Warriors can make run at 33-game win streak record

Kobe Bryant is impressed enough that he could see the Warriors breaking the all-time winning streak of 33 games set by the Lakers.