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Knitting Needles: A Beginner's Guide

How much do you know about knitting needles? Do you know your DPN's from your circulars? Your single points from your cables? Your fixed from your interchangeables? If you do, awesome! You're already one step ahead! If not, have no fear, knitting jargon aside, it's not actually all too complicated, and I'm going to explain what all the different types are and why you would use them! Click through to find out more!


Free Knitting Patterns You Have to Knit

Learn everything you need to know about different types of knitting needles in this FREE eBook! #knitting #knittingneedles


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Storage ideas for knitting needles, how do you store yours

Knitting needle rack. old shelf I got at the thrift store, drill 2 each of all different size holes in it, then spray painted it . Instant knitting needle rack.


Learning Knit Socks, How to Use Double Pointed Knitting Needles

You Can learn to knit socks. Learn how to use double pointed knitting needles and the world of knitting socks is yours! Instructional video and free pattern


Awesome tutorial for knitting needle roll (pockets at three different heights for straight needles, DPNs and circular needles). Main fabric on the outside, bottom pockets and top fold, with the remainder in contrasting lining fabric, sandwiched with fusible fleece and tied with grosgrain ribbon.