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knitting needle organizer. Great idea to have it all in one place on a wall in the back room somewhere. Then I wont have to hunt through a million bags to find what I need!


Awesome tutorial for knitting needle roll (pockets at three different heights for straight needles, DPNs and circular needles). Main fabric on the outside, bottom pockets and top fold, with the remainder in contrasting lining fabric, sandwiched with fusible fleece and tied with grosgrain ribbon.

from vicky myers creations

Storage ideas for knitting needles, how do you store yours

Knitting needle rack. old shelf I got at the thrift store, drill 2 each of all different size holes in it, then spray painted it . Instant knitting needle rack.


Blogger, "I have been having a little trouble keeping track of all my knitting supplies. I needed something to hold all of my supplies and current projects that could easily be tucked away in a closet. I thought that a bucket organizer would be perfect and with knitting needle and crochet hook storage on the outside I could use the inside to hold yarn caddies and works in progress."


Have you ever felt you could use just a couple more fingers sometimes when knitting cables, sewing in tails, etc.


I don't think I would do this particular project, but I like this space and it has me thinking about storing my circs. circularneedlerack


Bocal en verre : 4 idées déco

Three wonderful things: reuse for old spaghetti or applesauce jars, use for scrap yarn, and a pretty place for my rarely-used needles.