Dynamic sword poses by Master-sweez

Dynamic sword poses by Master-sweez knight base perspectives ( back , front , top , side )

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That's Just Cool: European knights had the coolest armor of all, with the possible exception of the samurai. When I was in high school I practiced my drawing skills by sketching fully armored knights.

Shovel Knight | All knights without helmets by boom-sheikas-art-blog

(Okay so I posted this once and forgot a knight and had to reupload it) recently let me barrow his copy of shovel knight and I have been playing the CRAP out of it.

Original Charles R. Knight drawing

Original Charles R. Knight drawing

Knight’s paintings reflect his fascination with landscape. He is one of the few Australian artists today who is still committed to painting en plein air . While his style could best be described as representational, it is his unique way of applying paint and capturing light that continues to draw …

Ken Knight does an amazing job of capturing that spacious sense of ocean and sea · Ship PaintingsSeascape PaintingsLandscape PaintingsAbstract .