Cross-draw sheath for your favorite EDC fixed blade.

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Wet formed leather knife sheath tutorial...excellent photos and descriptions!

I started with 6 Oz. leather for the face. in order not to trap the finger guard (and the knife) in the sheath. I had to build up the area behind the guard. I used foam and tape. I soaked the

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How to make a custom leather knife sheath. Need smaller pieces of leather to make a sheath? We cut and sell leather in store so you can purchase as little as ft. THINK BIG, shop small at Standing Bear's Trading Post 7624 Tampa Avenue, Reseda, CA.

Northern Plains Tacked Knife Sheath

Northern Plains Tacked Knife Sheath

Making a Leather Knife Sheath

Making a Leather Knife Sheath

Knives from the workshop of Roman Blaha - Page 14

Greetings to all BladeForums. My name is Roman Blaha. I'm from the Czech Republic. From the town of Znojmo in the heart of beautiful South Moravia.

Leather Apron with knife sheath pocket and towel by CyclonaDesigns

I made this leather apron as a custom order for a guy who wanted it all in his kitchen. The knife pocket holds a large chefs knife and the brass