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Knee Exercises to Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation, or swelling of the knee, is a common and painful symptom of a potentially serious knee injury. Causes of inflammation can range from tendinitis, arthritis, bursitis, a hyperextended knee or ligament damage. If you develop inflammation in the knee joint, the proper first step is to contact your doctor and request an examination, which...

The Effects of Psoriatic Arthritis on the Body

The Effects of Psoriatic Arthritis on the Body

The Effects of Psoriatic Arthritis on the Body, they don't know whats wrong with me so my symptoms are similar slightly but still different but i can tell you one thing for sure it is affecting my emotional health and it makes life very hard...

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‪‎Meniscus Tears‬ are among the most common knee injuries. Athletes, particularly those who play contact sports, are at risk for meniscal tears. ‪Causes‬: Sports injuries, sudden twisting of knee, degenerative meniscus tears in old ages. ‎Symptoms‬: popping sounds in knee, pain and swelling, the sensation of your knee "giving way"

ACL, MCL, PCL, Meniscus -- what the anatomy of the knee really looks like. #yoganatomy #yogaanatomy

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KNEE PAIN: Instability, or giving way, is also another common knee problem ...

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Arthritis knee exercise programmes can dramatically reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Learn how to decrease pain and improve strength, movement & function.

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Thigh muscle pain symptoms can be mild to extreme based on the level of your injury. A sharp pain or pulling may be felt in the area of the pull, strain or tear. This can radiate along the length of your #quadriceps muscle up to your hip and pelvis, and/or down through your knee. #thighpain

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