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The Bard by the Numbers

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Meeting Someone At a Star Trek Convention

This is very possibly the best love story ever.----- Umm why has a movie not been made about this

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She said make it so... In klingon... The official language of Queenipops, obvs.

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The Klingon Language Institute, the official organization dedicated to the revival of Star Trek's Klingon language, runs the Klingon Shakespeare Restoration Project. They've so far translated Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing into Klingon. I wonder if Shakespeare ever saw that coming......;)

No Ingles, But You Didn’t Say Anything About Other Languages

No Ingles, But You Didn’t Say Anything About Other Languages. This seems like something I would do; I take Spanish and German, but I like German considerably more that Spanish.

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Circular Gallifreyan Alphabet. More detailed description here. How to write words/sentences here. Digital video here. “ Edit: Punctuation Updated to digital ”

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