Klaus Fuchs - worked on the Manhattan Project and in New Mexico - sold out to the Soviets

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Police photograph in 1933 of Klaus Fuchs (1911 - 1988) Physicist who fuchs fled Germany for Britain during the II War. He worked on the Manhattan Project in the United States to build the Atomic Bomb and later worked on British nuclear projects. In 1950 he was convicted later admitted spying and passing on details of British and American nuclear technology to the Soviet Union since 1942.

History: October 18, 1945: Soviets Receive Atomic Bomb Plans from Klaus Fuchs - http://www.historyandheadlines.com/history-october-18-1945-soviets-receive-atomic-bomb-plans-from-klaus-fuchs/

USSR Denies Involvement With Spy Klaus Fuchs - http://www.newhistorian.com/ussr-denies-involvement-spy-klaus-fuchs/6070/

10 of the Most Infamous Spies in History: Klaus Fuchs: The Bomb Maker

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FBI — Klaus Fuchs

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