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Kkk Meaning

from Mashable

Krispy Kreme apologizes after KKK gaffe on Facebook

Krispy Kreme's whimsical spelling has long straddled the line between "friendly Southern grandma" and "racist country grandpa," but this week a UK branch of the donut chain accidentally went full hoods and crosses with an ad promoting "KKK Wednesdays."

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Animals Express The Real Feelings

Hey! I'm jaykit just call me jay I'm the runt of the litter I'm crazy wild and I love my brother Sammy I am a snow leopard and I have my dads personality so I tale after him I eat the other cats when older and I'm mean (I play her)

Your RIGHT to believe, yes, always. The belief itself, no I don't and I won't. Acting on the belief in ways that hurt others, no, that is not speech, that is criminal.


Trump is going to show All Who Voted for him just what Trickle Down means. Instead of him giving them a "Golden Parachute" he's gonna give them a "Golden Shower!!"

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45 DIY Men's Fashion Hacks

Many people put a lot of thought into what they wear and what color they wear. This infographic says that what color we wear says something about us to others. Check out the infographic to see what your clothes are telling others about you.