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Kizzy Roots

Felt Melted Style Tree Roots Silk And Lace Pixie Woodland Nymph Bustle Belt OOAK Found on etsy for $194.66


General Cemetery, Nottingham - Too bad this tree wasn't cut down before it ruined the stone. The stone is in good shape except the damage (the crack) caused by pressure from the tree. I'm assuming this is slate and the engraving is certainly beautiful -


Vintage Vamp: Leslie Uggams

Up do Hair Style. This is completed by putting hair in a high ponytail, wrapping it in a bun and fastening with another elatstic, pulling chunks almost all the way out of the elastic for volume, and curling and pinning stray pieces. It ends with A TON of hairspray. Pretty complicated; this is more for inspiration than anything else.


Proudly Red and Black: Stories of African and Native Americans by William Loren Katz,


George "Chicken George" Lea was born about 1806, in North Carolina, the child of Thomas and Kizzy. He married Matilda McGregor Murray in August 1827 in Caswell County, North Carolina. They had seven children during their marriage. He died in 1890 in Henning, Tennessee, having lived a long life of 84 years, and was buried there.