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Kitty King Great Britain

Eurasian Lynx is the largest of the Lynx wild cat family.which lived in Britain until 1,500 years ago

There is a picture of Princess Victoria ("Toria"), daughter of Edward VII & Queen Alexandra (1868-1935) holding a cat on the royal yacht (see picture). I don't how significant this is. It does indicate that a royal personage kept a Siamese cat. The picture was taken in about 1914.

Scottish Wildcat - Felis silvestris silvestris No feral or farmcat, the Wildcat is a true wild species of cat; it was here long before we were and long before the domestic cat had first been bred by ancient farmers. Unique to Britain, and now only found in Scotland, the Scottish Wildcat is currently classified as an isolated island population of the European wildcat, Felis silvestris silvestris (Felidae)

Anne Boleyn, by Unknown artist, late 16th century (circa 1533-1536) - NPG 668 - © National Portrait Gallery, London

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Tudor Queen Cat, Siamese Cat Catherine Howard, King Henry VIII Wife

Catherine Howard Cat, Siamese Cat, Fifth Wife of King Henry VIII .... the Tudor Cats Collection by TaraFlyArt.